Strained Hammy Podcast: #72

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On this week’s edition of the show:

VMA quick-hit: I can’t walk up my apartment’s stairs without being out of breath; why do we expect singers to sing perfectly while dancing?

Cowboys’ Dress Rehearsal Talk

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Talk that somehow morphs into talk about bad husband habits

Mark’s recent experiences with three different companies’ Customer Service telephone lines, and how to easily cancel service without the service provider putting up a fight.

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Strained Hammy Podcast: #71

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Topics discussed on this week’s podcast:

Travis poses a hypothetical that catches Mark off guard:

The Cowboys and Ravens played a game that didn’t count – what were our impressions?

FC Dallas’ biggest margin of victory in an away game behind an Akindele hat trick and a brace from Castillo.

Sports gear talk – which team has the best threads in D/FW

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Strained Hammy Podcast: #70

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On this week’s show:

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How the Cowboys looked vs. San Diego (or at least the Cowboys that played),

Travis’ live reaction to the news of Orlando Scandrick’s suspension.

FC Dallas’ hot streak, Landon Donovan’s retirement, and our Everton-heavy Premier League preview.

Our reaction to the news of Robin Williams’ death and Tony Stewart’s culpability in the death of Kevin Ward, Jr.


Hopefully next week’s show will be more light-hearted!

Strained Hammy Podcast: Episode 69

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Topics discussed on the show:

Grandmas using Redbox

What we were able to see of the Cowboys Blue and White Scrimmage

Tyron Smith’s deal, Dan Bailey’s deal, and what a deal for Dez should look like.

Why Matt Novak was wrong but ultimately right about Idiocracy.

The most enjoyable movie of the summer of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Tyron Smith’s 110 Million is a Steal

Jerry Jones may have finally signed a contract that makes some sense.  23 year old Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith may briefly be able to claim he is the highest paid tackle in football, but the truth is that Dallas got a hell of a bargain here.

In Todd Archers breakdown of the contract on ESPN.COM it is explained that all 40 million dollars of Smith’s guaranteed money will be paid by the end of the 2017 season. Meaning the Cowboys can cut Smith at anytime in the last 7 years of the deal with no negative cap ramifications.  Choosing to sign Smith now, 2 years before his contract was up, allows Dallas to set the market on tackles before the salary cap goes up each of the next two seasons, and the length of the deal secures Tyron at what looks like it will be a non elite salary number until age 32.

Basically, if Tyron Smith’s play falls off at any time after his 26th birthday, the Cowboys can get out of the deal, but Smith is committed to the team through his prime at a number that should be out of the top 5 paid tackles in football in less than 3 years time. By the time Smith would normally be up for another deal in 2018 or 19 with Smith still in his 20′s, it is conceivable that top end tackles are signing for upwards of 15 million dollars per year.

If Smith does as Stephen Jones said he thinks he will and plays out the contract for the Cowboys, Dallas saves between 16 and 20 million dollars.

Former Cowboy Jesse Holley’s take on the deal

Just for perspective,, put up a mostly CBA but also Cowboys and Tyron Smith’s agent blasting piece about how big a bargain this deal is for Dallas.

For my money, or more for Jerry Jones’ money, Tyron Smith made the choice to give him self long term security with 40 million dollars guaranteed, and in making that choice allowed the Cowboys his services at a premium discount. Smith gets rich and the Jones’ get richer.

Strained Hammy Podcast: Episode 68

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Things mentioned on today’s podcast: Gabriel Agbonlahor, a guy with a Foldger’s can head, trading Yu Darvish, Dez’s Bryant situational awareness, every local sports radio show talk host of note, Gerry Fraley, and finally, afternoon sex with cartoons.

We promise it will all make sense.


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Strained Hammy Podcast: Episode 67

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast, we update you on FC Dallas’ season and what lies ahead for the team. Then, we take a break from sports to discuss summer movies, and on the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing, we talk about space (and struggle to name the 8 planets in order).

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Strained Hammy Podcast: Episode 66

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On this edition of the Strained Hammy podcast, we talk a lot of basketball…the Mavs’ free agency success as well as Lebron’s decision and the decisions of other star free agents. Finally, following the World Cup, we help you select your new Barclay’s Premier League team (Everton). There is no other correct choice. Up the Toffees!

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Strained Hammy Podcast: Episode 65

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In this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast, we discuss the eternally awful Rangers, and the free agent decisions the Mavs have made and have still left on the table. Also, Mitchell takes Travis In the Crease to discuss the splash the Stars have made thus far in the offseason, and finally, Travis and Mark discuss the awful movie that is Transformers: Age of Extinction.

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Strained Hammy Podcast: Episode 64

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast, Greg Baker joins us to discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from the Mavs’ options in Free Agency and our favorite basketball shoes. Also, Mark tells us about the time he went to San Francisco and saw a no-hitter.

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