Strained Hammy Podcast: 126

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast:

A few minutes on the Cowboys before we talk about FC Dallas almost pulling out the Supporter’s Shield, and their chances in the MLS Cup playoffs.

We preview the Mavs season, and Travis isn’t pleased with the general consensus on the Mavs.

Fiscal responsibility talk includes an innovative idea for lowering the rate of teen pregnancy.

Strained Hammy Podcast: 125

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast:

Can’t the Rangers lose a playoff game without crushing our souls? We discuss the loss and what to expect going forward.

Mitchell Droz gives us his belated Stars preview and discusses the start of the season, in In The Crease.

Mark and Travis discuss the renovations to be made at Toyota Stadium and Travis’s terrible, no good, bad week.

Strained Hammy Podcast: 124

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On today’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast:

The Rangers are AL West Champs! We talk about the long winding road to the championship and what lies ahead…specifically, the Toronto Blue Jays.

We’ll talk about the Cowboys loss, FC Dallas’ win and Fiscal Responsibility talk.

Strained Hammy Podcast: 123

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast:

The first game of the Brandon Weeden Experience 2015 went well for a half, then went really bad, really fast in the second half. We discuss what went wrong and how they Cowboys can correct it.

The Rangers are still holding on to first place in the AL West, but can they hold up to the spotlight now that their in the Astros and Angel’s sights?

Fiscal Responsibility talk, including, but not limited to sleep schedules.

Strained Hammy Podcast 122: Down Goes Romo

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Tony Romo broke his collarbone. Hate it when that happens, man.

Can Brandon Weeden take the ‘boys to the promised land (No)? Can he lead them to – (No)

I wasn’t done with the question (Doesn’t matter, the answer is no)

We also talk about those FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS and FC Dallas.

We wrap up with some borderline germophobia.

Strained Hammy Podcast 121

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This week, on the Strained Hammy Podcast:

The Cowboys won a game they should not have, but suffered some big losses in the process.

The Rangers fight to the top of the AL West, and FC Dallas’ playoff and Supporter’s Shield push.

Fiscal responsibility talk.

Strained Hammy Podcast: Cowboys Preview 2015

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This week on the Strained Hammy Podcast:

Rex Cotten joins us as we preview the most-anticipated Cowboys season in quite some time.

Travis and Mark find some time to dive into some fiscal responsibility talk as well.

Strained Hammy Podcast: 120

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Topics on this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast:

The Rangers’ chances in the pennant race and their upcoming roster moves.

The Cowboys’ dress rehearsal, FC Dallas and the transfer window.

Travis’ trip to the Cowboys game with his son.

Strained Hammy Podcast: 119

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast:

We talk about the resurgent Rangers and why this improved stretch of play is more sustainable than other hot streaks this season.

We digest the fresh news of Orlando Scandrick’s ACL injury, and what it means to the defense going forward.

Fiscal responsibility talk includes talk of Travis’ recent experience at a fitness boot camp.

Strained Hammy Podcast: 118 – PED!

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On this week’s edition of the Strained Hammy Podcast, we have a very special guest from across the pond – Peter “Ped” McPartland, the cohost of the Everton-focused Followtonians podcast, ToffeeTV and more recently, The MLS Show on YouTube. His Twitter handle is @PED7.

We chat about FC Dallas and the trajectory of MLS, and of course we get into some discussion about Everton, including Ped’s favorite memories of the club and his opinion on the current team at this early stage.

Following the world’s most awkward dismount (our fault!), we discuss several less important things, such as the “1-10” girl attractiveness rating, Rotten Tomatoes’ effectiveness, and Mark’s recent foray into the first Star Wars trilogy.

Thanks once again to Ped for generously sharing his time with us; we really enjoyed our conversation, and we think our audience will too!